In November 2016, a team of eleven young web and app developers in training brainstormed and worked a week on creating this app, UNITE, for CNFL to raise awareness of feminism and gender equality specifically in the Luxembourg area. 

An image of the UNITE team

The team from left to right: Jhang, Ibrahem, Pedro, Christian, Deborah, Mykola, Ludovic, Vitor, Fabio

The work on the app was split into multiple groups:

  • There was a design group which took care of the layout and the overall look of the app,
  • A tech group that worked on the foundation and the behind-the-scenes of UNITE.

These groups themselves were again separated into various others, dealing with all aspects of the application, such as the quiz, the news section, or the creation of the event page.

“App Cards” helped the team split the different tasks among the members.

Image of post-its stuck to the wall, showing the project's main guidelines.

The project’s pillars

Pedro and Christian going over some of the app’s layout.


Deborah working on some app icon designs.